Empower your enterprise
with Xpress for Business!

Streamlined Solutions for Every Business Need

Xpress for Business is your partner in enterprise success. We offer tailored solutions, enabling businesses to empower their employees to expense services efficiently and manage budgets through a control center seamlessly. With our comprehensive solutions, streamline your operations, and drive your business forward.

Xpress for Business Features

Employee Transport
Save cost, time, and resources and improve company productivity by making Xpress handle your employees’ transportation needs for official business trips and errands.
Document Deliveries
Manage and schedule deliveries and pick-ups of office documents with ease. Avoid the hassle of worrying about costs and losses, enjoy secured deliveries anytime!
Corporate Food
Easily and efficiently arrange meals for the employees and teams as well as meals for company guests through Xpress’ corporate food service. 

How companies leverage Xpress for Business

Business travel
Courtesy Rides
Meal Program