The Xpress journey and advocacies

Pioneering Filipino Innovation and Progress
Welcome to Xpress, a Filipino enterprise powered by Cebuana Lhuillier.

We are on a mission to make transportation and technology accessible for all as we continuously bridge gaps on every Filipinos’ entrepreneurial pursuit, foster inclusivity and empowerment.

“Xpress took the challenge and the responsibility to be an aid for sustainable development of each and every Filipino, helping them thrive and be the best version of themselves. We are a driver for change and innovation, empowering Filipinos and the generations to come”. 

Jean Henri Lhuillier

President and CEO, PJL Group of Companies
Chairman, Xpress

How it all started and where we're heading

Xpress is a joint venture between Cebuana Lhuillier, the leading and largest non-bank financial services provider in the Philippines, and App Factorie, a leading cross-platform app developer.

We foresee a community of Filipino entrepreneurs sustainably thriving together without having to compromise the other things that are important to them —family and relations. Allowing one to Xpress their own unique individuality and actually succeeding.
In our pursuit of changing how Filipinos move, we commit to an unceasing quest for innovation. Our mission is to establish a platform that not only offers convenience but also hastens the shift to a sustainable future. Our aim is to elevate digitization in the Philippines, making it smarter and more accessible while empowering more Filipinos to pursue entrepreneurship, especially those in under served communities or facing financial challenges.
We foresee a future where Filipinos can enjoy life's conveniences via technology, beginning with mobility and entrepreneurship, yet aspiring to extend into finance, insurance and healthcare. Our aim is not just to meet, but to exceed regional standards, setting new benchmarks.

Our ambition transcends mere convenience; it's about fundamentally transforming the lives of individuals, communities, and eventually a nation through technology, ensuring that everyone is not just included but empowered to advance their lives.

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We extend our dedication beyond mere services, actively empowering communities, advocating for sustainable environmental practices, and advancing health and well-being through our CSR efforts.
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