March 8, 2024
Xpress rollsout 4W and Moto Taxi Ride in time for Women’s Month
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Elize Banez

Manila, Philippines – Cebuana Lhuillier’s sister company, Xpress Superapp (Xpress) rolled out its ride service for Filipino commuters in time for Women’s Month, marking a new era in the ride-hailing sphere anchoring into this year’s theme, #InspireInclusion. Xpress is setting the tone as a Filipino-owned brand, viable as a transportation option for all types of commuters. 

Offering its MC Taxi and 4W transport service available across the National Capital Region (NCR) starting March, Xpress is set to make commuting more affordable and safe. Fostering a supportive environment for every customer and partner driver, the app has a set of features designed to foster inclusivity and address the worries faced by most women during their daily commute.

"Accessible and affordable rides are part of Xpress' commitment to ensure that every Filipino gets to enjoy the app. With Xpress, no one is left behind and all customers, especially women are assured that their safety is our priority", said Xpress Chairman and PJL Group of Companies President and CEO Jean Henri Lhuillier as he talks about Xpress' stand for this year's Women's Month.

Safety remains top priority

There are processes and features set by Xpress to enhance safety measures within the platform: 

Rigorous partner driver screening: Every partner driver prior to activation in the Xpress app is required to present documents such as a professional driver’s license and NBI clearance to ensure that they are of good moral character and eligible to ferry customers.

Safety and Security: Aside from the usual “Share” location option for customers, passengers can nominate up to three (3) emergency contacts. They can add their trusted contacts who will be notified during a booked ride.

Customer and Driver Rating System: Once a ride is completed, customers can rate the ride or the partner driver. At the same time, drivers can also rate their passengers, ensuring that inclusivity is maintained within the app.

Ride for Xpress Program

Xpress President and Cebuana Lhuillier CFO Cliff Cabungcal addressing the riders and welcoming them to the Ride for Xpress Program.

To further push for inclusiveness, Xpress is launching Ride for Xpress Program (RXP), this is Xpress’ initiative wherein eligible Filipinos who do not have a motorcycle but wish to earn through ride-hailing are placed under a “boundary-hulugan” system. The riders who will qualify shall be paid P700 daily as long as they ride for six (6) days a week, and meet the required percentage of daily rides. There will be a percentage to be deducted from their daily earnings for motorcycle maintenance and daily amortization for the motorcycle. After a year in the program, the riders will be the official owners of the motorcycle.

“This program shall allow you to be your own entrepreneurs with a promise that Xpress will be with you on your journey. Apart from being an Xpress rider, you will be equipped with skills such as being a first responder, an essential life skill that will empower you and help the community that we serve”, said Cliff Cabungcal, Xpress President and Cebuana Lhuillier CFO.

First Lady Rider of Xpress

Irene Sicabalo, Xpress lady rider all geared up to get bookings for Xpress.

Xpress’ very first lady rider, Irene Sicabalo entered the industry of logistics back in 2019 as a food delivery rider. She recently joined Xpress as a source of additional income. With the opportunity for a work-life balance that industry is allowing her to have, she is enjoying the idea of being able to juggle her role as a mom and as a career woman through Xpress.

“Being a lady rider is very empowering in a sense that I get to take care of my kids and also help bring food to the table”, said Sicabalo whose daily routine revolves around doing rides, bringing her children to school, and spending quality time with them after work.  

Xpress is steadfast in inculcating an inclusive community of customers and partner drivers. Xpress customers may enjoy Women’s Month promo codes XPRESSGOTUSIS and XPRESSITGIRL, for discounted 4W and MC Taxi rides from March 8 to March 31. Keep up with the latest by following Xpress’ Facebook, Instagram, and its official website,

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